Secure Payment


Our Site Security

Our site's account and checkout pages are secured using 128 bit SSL. This is a way of authenticating and transfering encrypted data that means the private information you give and see on our website can't be viewed by third parties.


Credit/Debit Card Processing Security

All credit and debit card transactions are processed via PayPal using their secure SSL connection.
PayPal then processes your card payment and sends the money to us. Using this method your credit card details cannot be seen by us.
Click here for more information on how PayPal operates.


Important Information

At no point will Baking Buddies email asking for your credit/debit card details or requesting your username and password.


Security Related FAQ's:

  • Can I Email You My Credit Card Details?

    No. You should never email credit or debit card details. Emails are written and sent in plain text format and although unlikely, if the email fell into the wrong hands there is no additional security to stop someone from fraudulently using your card details.

  • Can I Phone You With My Credit Card Details?

    Although we have the ability to process offline card payments we would prefer you to utilize the added security that our online payment methods offer for a quicker, safer and more secure payment.