Cake Boards, Drums & Cards

No matter what size or weight of cake you have baked we have the perfect cake board.

DRUM/BOARDS 13mm thick: For heavier fruit cakes or larger sponge cakes use a drum board, these are approx 12mm/1/2" thick, you can place your cake straight on them or cover silver drum boards with white or coloured sugarpaste if you wish. Alternatively, save on the sugarpaste cost and use a coloured drum board.

HARDBOARD 4mm thick: Ideal for fruit cakes or larger sponges, these boards are very strong, they are hardboard covered in silver foil with turned edges and a white paper base. Can be used with a stand-alone cake or for stacking cakes.

CAKE CARDS 2mm thick: Cake cards are 2mm thick card covered in silver foil with turned edges and a white paper base. Great for use with sponge cakes, gateaux and desserts, can also be used for smaller stacked cakes.

SILVER/WHITE REVERSIBLE CAKE CARDS 1.5mm: These cake cards are very popular, a great low-cost option, they a 1.5mm thick, are covered in silver mirror foil on one side and white poly-coated covering on the other they have a cut edge. Ideal for sponge cakes, gateaux and desserts. Many customers use them for smaller stacked cakes as the coating on both sides mean the board will not absorb moisture from the cake. For stacked cakes use the same size cake board as your cake, e.g 8" cake, 8" board, that way you will not see your board once the cake is decorated and stacked.

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